Spooning is an innovative addition to Ronis specializing in acai bowls, smoothies, Vegan Milk Shakes and much more. We provide a healthy, tasty, and well balanced meal option for the healthy person thats still wants to eat food that still taste great. 

When you choose to eat at Spooning you will leave feeling ready to go take on the world, run that  extra mile, finish the office project, feel refreshed and re charged,  as opposed to the all too familiar feeling of being ready to go home and take a nap.  It will also give you piece of mind knowing that your decision was a very healthy choice as well.  #letsspoon...

Açaí Bowls [pronounced "ah-sigh-EE"] are a frozen fruit sorbet, made-to-order, and topped with organic granola, fresh fruit, dry superfood toppings, and local raw honey! It's time to rethink you meals.

We took this Brazilian staple and put aLA spin on it!